CEOs are dreamers who took a small idea and turned it into something huge. It can be as simple as starting a boutique marketing agency, or expanding your services across seas.

“Dream on
Dream until your dreams come true”
— Aerosmith, “Dream On”

Visualize success

There’s no better song that channels the entrepreneurial spirit than Aerosmith’s “Dream On.” If you want success, you must first visualize your triumph. That means envisioning every detail from beginning to end to make it reality.

Athletes use visualization techniques all the time, whether it’s making that foul shot or sinking that putt on the golf course. They just visualize it going in and – more often than not – it does. The importance of visualizing success reminds me of a quote from Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”

The powers of mind over matter are too incredible to deny. If you wake up in the morning and believe you’ll have a happy and productive day, you will. Even if you hit a snag with a project or you fumble during a meeting presentation, your day will still end better if you began it with a positive daily affirmation.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, visualize yourself conquering your goals, and channel that positive energy into your daily affirmations. Your dreams will become more and more attainable with each passing day.

Act on the dream

Dreaming is only one part of the equation – you have to make a plan and act on the dream. Otherwise, you’re not going to fulfill that dream – it’s just going to sit on a shelf and collect dust.

I once listened to a speaker whose speech impacted me so much that I integrated it into every facet of my life. This speaker emphasized the importance of reflecting on what you want to be and what you want to do in life. After you’ve figured that out – both personally and professionally – then you can plan actionable steps to fulfill your dream.

Acting on the dream is allowing the Law of Attraction to work in your life. First, you visualize it, then you follow where the current is taking you. In other words, you’ll be traveling on the path of least resistance – it just makes sense.

I recently had a conversation with Dan Frank, one of my CEOs I work with at Vistage. He was talking about figuring out some way to move back to southern California. He was visualizing the next steps he had for his businesses, Three Wire Systems and VetAdvisor, when an opportunity arose to acquire a company in San Diego.

Dan discovered one of his California-based executives was gravely ill, and decided he should move the company operations to California. Running the company from the West Coast was still feasible, since half the employees were located there, and half located back East. Dan had the dream of moving to California for a while, and because of the unusual turn of events, he was finally able to do so – but he had to take action in order for his dream to come to fruition.

Dream for your team

CEOs shouldn’t be dreaming for themselves – they should be also dreaming for their company. Ultimately, they should strive to create a company that draws in new employees, makes current employees proud, and challenges employees to be better every day.

Once you have a team that spurs innovation and growth, the main goal for your company should be to provide monumental value for your clients and to make a difference in the world. After all, isn’t that every CEO’s dream?

Brian’s Musical Inspiration:

RIFF: “It’s about the hunger to be somebody: Dream until your dreams come true.” Steven Tyler